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379 Market Street, Elmwood Park, NJ

                                           Phone: 201-794-6800    Fax: 201-794-9779

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    Engineered Mechanical Systems was formed in 1988 with the simple stategy of providing quality piping installations at a competitive cost.   The company started with five employees in a rented garage and has grown in size with over 50 field employees, twelve office employees and a 6,500 square foot shop with 35,000 square feet of outdoor fabrication space. Our linear growth over the past decade has resulted in annual sales of over $7 million dollars per year.


    Engineered Mechanical Systems is a mechanical/piping contractor who can provide you with the service and the expertise that today's industry requires.  We employ a full time staff of merit shop craftsmen who can give you experienced capabilities in all of your mechanical needs.  From minor plumbing installations  to ultra high purity orbitally welded projects, from two men assisting your maintenance  crew to 25 men working six months on a $1.5 million dollar installation, from 1/2 inch PVC pipe to 6 inch teflon lined pipe, Engineered Mechanical Systems is the contractor of choice.

Mission Statement

    Engineered Mechanical Systems has built our company quality and our success can be directly measured by our growing list of satisfied customers.  Our employees continuously put forth their best effort to see that you, our valued customer, are fully satisfied with our performance.  We are dedicated to provide you with a superior installation at a truly competitive price.

Our commitment to our customers includes quality, scheduling, communication, reliability, safety and consistency; by focusing on this commitment, we have developed long term relationships through total satisfaction.

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President...........................William Lintner III        bill@emsnj.com

Vice President...................Jaime Canestrale         jaime@emsnj.com

Construction Manager.......Dean Drenth               dean@emsnj.com



In addition, we have office staff consisting of project engineers, estimating, drafting, accounting, engineering support and clerical assistance.

Our shop/field staff includes twelve full time foremen and over twenty five pipefitters, more than twenty welders and a shop supervisor.  All field employees are merit shop, which in addition to providing them daily incentive, also allow them to perform all tasks without rigid job description.

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